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Fine Art
Bronze Sculpture ~ Oil Paintings
Originals ~ Limited Editions      
"Classics of Tomorrow . . . Today"
Michael Boyett
Sculptor and Painter
of American Heritage Fine Art
(December 10, 1943 - April 28, 2015)
All work represented on this is site is registered under the US Copyright Laws.  Images or works may not be copied or reproduced without written permission from Michael Boyett Studio.  
Thank you.

Pictured above, are many of the honored members of the Texas State - Military Order of the Purple Heart as they recently
met for the yearly Texas State Convention.  Although there are many other important military organizations, this group of men  
represent the  
ONLY  veterans' organization in the United States that consist of  100% combat wounded soldiers.  

 Purple Heart  (originally established as the “Badge of Merit” by General George Washington in 1782) is awarded to
members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and
posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds receive in action.   It is a specific
combat decoration.

The organization now known as the
“Military Order of the Purple Heart, was formed in 1932 for the protection and mutual
interest of all who have received the decoration.  Composed of exclusively Purple Heart recipients, it is the  
ONLY  veterans’
service organization comprised of  “combat wounded” veterans.
The 2014  delegates of the Texas State -  Military Order of the Purple Heart  veterans' organization unanamously voted to
commission Mr. Boyett (a Vietnam Veteran as well as a Purple Heart recipient) to create  the above design as a 9' scale bronze
memorial sculpture to bring honor and tribute to the combat wounded veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  This
sculpture is unique in that it represents the Purple Heart veterans, in unity, from 4 different combat generations - World War I,
World War II / Korea, Vietnam, and the modern day soldiers from Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Although these soldiers
are battle worn, wounded and weary, they continue to move confidently forward with the unity, strength and dignity that only
true American patriots can muster.  To contribute to this significant project, click here:
8.5" Scale Original Clay  Maquette

On April 28, 2015, renown sculptor and artist,  Michael Boyett,  
unexpectedly passed away from natural causes.  Just as this is an
extreme loss for his family and friends, we are just as certain that
this will be a certain loss for the American fine art community that
he so faithfully represented.

His love for art and sculpture was demonstrated by his incredible
sculptures that were consistently known for their historical
accuracy, intricate detail and bold action.  His love for his country
was demonstrated by his service in the US Army (Vietnam
1967-68), his unquenchable love and respect for American
history, and the great pleasure he found in traveling and exploring
the magnificent landscapes of our country.

Michael's final work of art, was a commission for the new
National Army Museum in Arlington, VA.  The sculpture is of an
American Revolutionary Continental Soldier entitled,
"To Make Men Free."
Even this title seems to be a most fitting tribute to Michael's
passion for his God, his country and his art.

Michael Boyett Studio would like to say a special thank you
to the multitudes of collectors, fans, and patrons that have
supported and enjoyed his works over the 40 year period that he
has been worked as a professional sculptor and artisian.
It is our hope that you will continue to enjoy his sculptures not
only as wonderful creations of art, but also as 3 dimensional
historical representations of our great country.
"To Make Men Free"
Clay Original
The presentation of the #1 edition of
"To Make Men Free"
to Mr. H. Ross Perot by General William Hartzog,
the Army Historical Foundation Chairman.
This presentation was on May 18, 2015 at the
Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA.