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Courage was a highly esteemed and sought after character quality of the Native American warriors and hunters.  The degree to which each
individual possessed this quality set him apart as an honored and respected tribal member.
This significant collection,  the "Legacy of Courage," chronicles the individual portraits of 24 of the most famous Native American tribes from across
the United States of America.  As in all Boyett sculptures, great attention is given to historic accuracy, bold movement and fine detail.

This collection of 24 was originally created and marketed nationally and internationallly in the medium of fine pewter.
At this time, the pewter is no longer available except on the secondary market, however, these identical sculptures are now
available exclusively though Michael Boyett Studio in small limited editions cast in classic hot pour bronze.
The sculptures shown here are shown in pewter, but if you are interested, please contact our Studio and we will send information and photos of the
sculptures in bronze.  All sculptures are  created in like scale.
~ Legacy of Courage ~
Kiowa Scout - Ht 5.5"
The Victor (Cheyenne)Ht 6.5"
Plains Talk (Pawnee)
Ht 6.25"
Forest Watcher
(Sauk-Fox) Ht. 7.75"
Apache Signals - Ht 6"
Unconquered (Seminole)
Ht 6"
Iroquois Warfare Ht 4.5"
The Tracker (Nez Perce)
Ht 5
Comanche - Ht 4.75"
Buffalo Stalker (Crow)
Ht 4.5"
Circling the enemy
(Flathead) - Ht 6"
Along the Cherokee
Trace- Ht 7"
Warrior's Tribute
(Assiniboin) - Ht 6"
Arapaho Sentinel
Ht 8.25"
Buffalo Dancer (Mandan)
Ht 7"
Dance of the Eagles
(Cree) Ht 4.75"
Snow Hunter (Blackfoot)
Ht 5.5"
Listening for Hooves (Arikara)
Ht 3"
Winter Hunt (Delaware)
Ht 5.75"
Moment of Truth
(Gros Ventre) Ht 7"
Rite of the Whitetail
(Chippewa) Ht 7"
Eagle Catcher II
(Shoshone) Ht 8.25"
Sioux War Cry - Ht 8.5"