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"The Shoshone Eagle Catcher" is a historic representation of an
actual deed of certain tribe members of the Shoshone Indian tribe
which was located in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, dating
around the 1830s.  This courageous and daring brave would try
to capture the powerful eagle with his bare hands.

The brave would scale the rocky cliffs where the eagles built their
nests.  He would then construct  a cover of stones and brush and
place  fresh  killed prey on top of the brush pile. The daring
brave  would hide under the brush  and when the eagle would
swoop down to eat the bait,  the eagle catcher would reach  up
with his bare hands to catch the eagle by the leg!  

The wild fight was on!

“If” the brave was able to capture the eagle,  its tail feathers
would be plucked  and used as symbols of bravery among his
tribe. The feathers were highly sought after as a sign of rank
among all of the Plains tribes.  Of course, the “Eagle Catcher”
was forever highly esteemed and honored by his fellow tribesmen!
"The Shoshone Eagle Catcher"
Edition  - 45   Height - 48"